The RFM model for calculating customer value and segmentation

Introduction The RFM model is a proven tool in customer relationship management (CRM) that helps companies determine the value of their customers and divide them into different segments. It is based on three key metrics: Recency: When did the customer last shop? Frequency: How often does the customer shop in a certain period of time?

Easy integration of our personalization engine into other systems

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What is personalization? Personalization means tailoring content and experiences on a website to each user. This is done by analyzing user data such as behavior, interests and demographic information. The goal of personalization is to increase the relevance and attractiveness of content in order to strengthen user loyalty, increase conversion rates and ultimately maximize business

The magic of CX personalization with headless CMS systems

In a digital world where the customer is king, personalization is becoming the new goldmine. Companies improving their customer experience (CX) often face the challenge of how to present content effectively and individually. This is where two powerful tools come into play: CX personalization with AI optimization and headless content management systems (CMS). But what

Optimization of application routes: The value of optimization

In today's digital era, effective application pathways are essential for businesses to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates. But how can companies ensure that their application processes are optimally designed? The answer lies in application route optimization, a process supported by A/B testing and multivariate testing. Why is application route optimization important? The application

20 Efficient Methods to Optimize Conversion Funnels

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Optimizing a conversion funnel is crucial to converting more visitors into paying customers. Here are ten proven methods that are particularly effective for improving your funnel and increasing conversion rates. 1.A/B Testing Efficiency: High Description: Test different versions of your landing pages, call-to-actions (CTAs), and form fields to find out which variants deliver the best

Germany’s data economy: potential and challenges

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Germany is sitting on a treasure trove of data, but hardly uses it. This is shown by a current survey by the digital association Bitkom, which examines the data economy in the country. Of the companies surveyed, only six percent stated that they were exploiting the full potential of their data. Over 42 percent of

Creation and implementation of an AI assistant – flow and processes

Introduction Our AI chatbot assistant uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) to deliver coherent and accurate answers. This guide describes the structured process from needs analysis to continuous optimization to ensure that the chatbot is tailored exactly to your needs. Step 1: Preparation and needs analysis 1.1 Customer advice Aim: Introduction to the possibilities and

Importance of personalization in the financial sector – misunderstandings, challenges and opportunities

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Over the last decade, the rapid growth of digital banks and improving offerings from fintech companies have led to consumers demanding more from their financial institution (FI): a tailored customer experience that meets their evolving needs and preferences - beyond the local branch, at both traditional and new touchpoints. Today, customer experience can either strengthen