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More closings through personalization and automation of your digital sales

Acceleraid helps banks to increase their digital competitiveness by automating sales processes for new and existing customers.

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Increasing digitization in the age of open banking and rising competition

The banking world is in the middle of a transformation. Rising interest rates, inflation, regulatory requirements, increasing risks on the global market, and pressure for swift digitization…. Competition from fintechs, Google, Apple, Meta and Amazon is also increasing all the time. At the same time, customer expectations for a perfect omnichannel experience are increasing.

Customers expect products that are tailored to their life situation, while at the same time the urge for on-site advice is declining. The pandemic at the latest exposed the weaknesses of the offline-focused business model. There is no way around digitization: digitally lockable products and services as well as mobile apps for multibanking transactions are the new standard.

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Use cases along the customer lifecycle

Typical use cases where Acceleraid supports you

use cases and campaigns

"With Acceleraid we can run campaigns out-of-the-box immediately and automate the conversion of new and existing customers. We save all the manual work and our team can now concentrate on creating business cases. The software runs the campaigns and automatically learns what works and what doesn't."

Anna Raedler Hanseatic Bank

"With Acceleraid, we have significantly increased the efficiency of our online marketing activities in the credit card area since 2013 and achieve over 25% higher conversion rates through optimization with artificial intelligence."

Sinisa Preradovic Head Digital Marketing | Senior Director

Project Procedure

Project Procedure

Your advantages at a glance

Fast time-to-value
Start risk-free in weeks and achieve fast time-to-value with our automated solutions to maximize ROI
Smarte Integration
Acceleraid solutions are flexible, fast & easy to integrate into any infrastructure via APIs and standard interfaces – DSGVO compliant and adhering to the highest security standards
Relief of resources
Save resources through low staff involvement, data-friendly implementation of projects, and increased usability of solutions

Technical integration into your IT landscape

Integration into your website or online banking via Javascript or plugin. Standard plugins for different CMS systems like Adobe, First Spirit, Coremedia etc. have already been implemented and are available.
We offer various standard options for the integration of customer data, current account transaction data and payment data.
Integration into their marketing and sales systems depending on Wusnch -Acceleraid has implemented Prokelte for many banks and payment service providers and offers various standard ways, but also custom solutions.

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