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Today, most companies and banks are exploring the world of AI as an innovation and are trying out new things: using AI in customer service and to write texts or songs and generate videos or photos.

Acceleraid has explored the world of data and AI for more than 15 years and has generated several AI applications: among them are neural networks, machine learning and advanced statistics used to process data, predict future behaviour or optimise sales to reduce costs and automate business processes and decisions.


AI - The Paradigm Shift in Customer Life Cycle Management

Along the entire customer life cycle, data accumulates that Acceleraid uses to create the perfect personalised customer experience. At each stage, there are different data, AI and machine learning approaches.


What´s hidden behind the terms?

Just add our AI products.

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ACCELERAID products:

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Flexible, fast & easy integration into any infrastructure

  • We can easily integrate into your IT systems
  • Simply start Acceleraid has developed a simple and secure concept that allows you to get started quickly and generate your first revenues
  • Data import as well as export via API Integration via REST-API directly into your backend system as well as integration of output channels via standard interfaces
  • Hosting on premise Use Acceleraid as an intelligent data layer and host it in your data center, integrated into your processes.
  • Hosting in private cloud Use Acceleraid’s high-performance, high-security infrastructure and everything will be taken care of, from deployment to monitoring to security checks.
  • Individual integration solutions Do you have special requirements due to specific data protection regulations? Feel free to contact us!




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Examples of integrations in over 10 years of experience with the integration of the solution into various IT systems