Credit Cards & Payment

Automation of sales to new and existing customers

The Acceleraid software evaluates customer data and, based on the results, controls customer interaction along the lifecycle

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Using customer data to increase interaction and incentivization

Increasing regulation and competition in credit and debit cards makes intelligent monetization of the business more and more important. As an anchor product, the payment method continuously provides data on the customer. To leverage the resulting potential, providers must systematically and automatically convert this data into customer interaction.

Customer Lifecycle Management for credit cards

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Use cases along the customer lifecycle

Typical use cases where Acceleraid supports you

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Example use cases in detail

Personalize credit card product pages and landing pages to increase closings

Every customer needs a different approach to sign up for a credit card online. Address each potential customer in a personalized way to increase the number of closings. Are you targeting different segments in your campaigns? Then you can easily pick this up again on the website.

Cross- and up-sell of additional services e.g. gold credit card, insurance

As a means of payment, the credit card is an anchor product that is ideal for selling additional services. Automate the sale of additional products by offering the right product at the right time based on the profile and usage behavior.

Targeting the customer base to sell credit cards

Whether you’re a bank, retailer or service provider. Often, your customer base already offers tremendous potential to sell credit cards. Our software automatically identifies when and how someone in your customer base should be targeted to take out a credit card.

Increase in the use of digital services, e.g. apps

The app is also becoming the central point of contact for users in the credit card sector. Get your users to use your digital offerings and benefit from higher customer loyalty and lower service costs.

Activation of new users so that they use the payment method permanently (EMOB - Early Month on Book)

Users activated within the first 45 to 90 days have a significantly higher value over the duration of the customer lifecycle. Target users in an automated and optimized way through our data models to ideally encourage each user to permanently use your card.

Reactivating existing customers and preventing churn

Expensively acquired users who become inactive or quit are a pain for any business. Activate inactive users through multi-level data-driven campaigns and find out early on which customers are at risk of quitting in the future and effectively counteract them at that point.

Increase credit card usage among existing customers by incentivizing them via app, e-mail or portal

Existing customers often hold untapped potential. Increase credit card usage through intelligent incentivization that takes user preferences into account to generate better, sustainable results at lower cost. In this way, we can also reactivate inactive users.

Convert full payers to partial payers

Use our solution to analyze your customers’ credit card payments and automatically offer them partial payment at the best time. Convert full payers into partial payers automatically to benefit from additional credit interest.

"With Acceleraid, we have significantly increased the efficiency of our online marketing activities in the credit card area since 2013 and achieve over 25% higher conversion rates through optimization with artificial intelligence."

Sinisa Preradovic Head Digital Marketing | Senior Director

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Project procedure

Project Procedure

Your advantages at a glance

Fast time-to-value
Start risk-free in weeks and achieve fast time-to-value with our automated solutions to maximize ROI
Smart integration
Acceleraid solutions are flexible, fast & easy to integrate into any infrastructure via APIs and standard interfaces – DSGVO compliant and adhering to the highest security standards
Relief of resources
Save resources through low staff involvement, data-friendly implementation of projects, and increased usability of solutions

Technical integration into your IT landscape

Optimization of your application sections
simply via integration with Javscript, server-side or hosting of your own application sections
Integration of your CRM data and credit card transactions
via SFTP upload, completely anonymized or via standard APIs possible. Here we also offer various integrations in databases from IBM DB2 to Cognos to Oracle or MSFT Azure
Integration with your email, app or marketing automation systems
via APIs is easily possible

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