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Transformation of the automotive industry

Due to the MADE trends (new mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and electromobility), the automotive industry is in one of the biggest transformation phases.

Through cloud-based mobility services such as car sharing and autonomous driving, new players are entering the automotive market, triggering a transformation or displacement of established business models. Disruptive technologies such as AI and machine learning will increasingly shift the focus of automotive manufacturers towards B2B and thus towards sales to fleet operators.

In the course of digitalization, cross-departmental IT expertise is increasingly needed at automotive manufacturers and competence in data analysis and data management is becoming more relevant.

Manual IT systems are increasingly being replaced by software solutions to make efficient data-based decisions and optimize processes.

The customer relationship is also changing as a result of digitization in that OEMs are increasingly using digital sales channels to reach customers directly. Services such as Connected Car enable manufacturers to communicate with customers over the entire period of use of a car, increasing direct sales and weakening the position of dealers.

In addition, current crises are increasingly disrupting supply chains, making a reliable early warning system for supply chain disruptions increasingly relevant to maintain production.
Automated predictive systems can support logistics to optimize the supply chain and prevent bottlenecks.

Use cases along the customer lifecycle

Typical use cases where Acceleraid supports you

Example use cases in detail

Optimization of vehicle purchase and sales pages

Conversion increase with individual variants depending on the customer’s needs and optimization with artificial intelligence. Acceleraid optimizes vehicle buy and sell pages with multiple variants. The AI learns which pages convert best with which campaigns, keywords and data and lead to leads or inquiries and optimizes the playout based on this.

Increase conversion rate by optimizing Google search results pages

Use the Acceleraid solution to optimize Google search results pages and thus increase the conversion rate for e.g. merchant inquiries. Through the integration via API to the landing page, the transfer of AdWords keywords to Acceleraid can be easily enabled. Based on data parameters such as search terms, historical clicks & conversions as well as visitor cookies of the users, the search results pages can be optimized and played out to the visitors based on AI.

Qualified leads for merchants

Identify users with a high propensity to buy to automatically generate qualified leads for merchants.

Prozessautomatisieurng in der Automobilindustrie

Use our smart solutions to automate your processes. By automating processes, data can be easily collected, processed and analyzed automatically in the future. This not only ties up fewer resources in the company, but also reduces costs.

"Personalisierung ist ein wichtiger Baustein für unseren Erfolg im Performance Marketing. Durch Acceleraid sind wir in der Lage diese Disziplin für uns noch erfolgreicher umzusetzen."


Project Procedure

Project Procedure

Your advantages at a glance

Fast time-to-value
Start risk-free in weeks and achieve fast time-to-value with our automated solutions to maximize ROI
Smarte Integration
Acceleraid solutions are flexible, fast & easy to integrate into any infrastructure via APIs and standard interfaces – DSGVO compliant and adhering to the highest security standards
Relief of resources
Save resources through low staff involvement, data-friendly implementation of projects, and increased usability of solutions

Technische Integration in Ihre IT Landschaft

Integration into your web, app, and mobile portals.
Through standard plugins and APIs, it is easily possible.
Integration into your master data MGMT software, CRM, and sales databases.
Easily via API, CSV sync, or custom solution.
IIntegration into your sales and marketing systems.
Here, we offer any plugins, APIs, or custom solutions upon request.

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