Our values

Our corporate values form the foundation for company management and orientation for our employees.
We live our values both internally and externally.


For us, team spirit means a sense of community within the entire team, characterized by mutual trust, helpfulness and appreciation.

We perceive professionalism as a basic prerequisite both in our interpersonal contact and in our working methods.

Open communication and a constant exchange of knowledge promote transparency in our company and encourage learning from each other. This way, we create an environment of psychological security in which each employee can contribute individually while creative friction can also arise, enriching us as a team.


We are constantly looking for innovations and strive for the best quality, be it in the development of our products or by constantly educating ourselves in order to always be up to date.

Agility and flexibility characterize our daily cooperation.

It is also important for us to constantly question ourselves critically and reflect on our work in order to provide our customers with excellent solutions.

Not only our speed in actively responding to individual requests, but also our accessibility and simplicity enrich the collaboration with our customers.


We are aware of our responsibility, both towards our customers and our company itself. With this responsibility we work solution-oriented in the interest of our customers and rely on clear communication to create a basis of trust.

For us, responsibility also means guaranteeing security and reliability in internal and external cooperation involving our customers. Integrity and loyalty are values we believe in and constantly accompany in our daily work.


Not only the respectful interaction with each other and our customers, but above all our respect for sustainability and diversity is of particular importance to us. We see respect for ecological, social and economic sustainability as a basic understanding, whereby we constantly strive to improve and develop.

We also strive to respect diversity, which for us includes different genders, cultures, religions, strengths and weaknesses, as well as life situations. The value of respect thus forms an important basis for the responsibility we bear every day.