A Powerstation for Customer Intelligence & Experience Automation

With Acceleraid, you can connect different data sources, orchestrate & sequence customer and automated activities in the customer automation workflow and continuously optimise everything via AI.

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AI Accelerator

ACCELERAID has all you need to get the most from your customer data. Just add AI Accelerator to the mix.

Customer Data & Transaction Platform

Connect and combine your data from CRM, website, app, customer portal, shopping carts, credit card and checking account transactions. Create the foundation for any meaningful data access.

The highlight: With ACCELERAID, your data pool is up-to-date at all times.

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Predictive Audience Segments

Segment your target groups and let the AI automatically generate customer segments. Our data models for each phase of the customer lifecycle update themselves autonomously. From predictive segments, RFM to individual data models – everything can be operated with the mouse.

AI with just one click.


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Trigger & Campaign Automation

Steer your campaigns with pinpoint accuracy and automate your marketing and sales processes – across all channels.
You get an intuitive unit for cross-channel control.

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Personalization Engine

Conversion Boost on Autopilot. Increase the conversion rate for your website, app, and your digital sales, and deliver personalized customer experiences for each client at the push of a button. 

Our AI controls the traffic allocation to ensure that each user automatically receives the best personalisation and an automatic and continuous conversion optimisation takes place.

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Data infrastructure

Acceleraid refines your data and makes it easy & fast to use



Machine learning algorithms learn from past data to predict what will happen in the future. Do you want to know which user experience will convert users? Or who you should send which email at which time to achieve the greatest impact? Machine learning algorithms will help you increase your sales in the long term.



Many of our customers already worked with statistical methods and models before using Acceleraid. These are not lost with Acceleraid, but can be easily integrated and are a perfect complement to your data.



The basis for learning from data and successfully using Machine Learning is a proper data base. The Acceleraid software automatically checks the quality of your data, displays it clearly and gives you direct recommendations for action to improve the data quality.

During each data integration, the data is also automatically cleaned and made usable for your specific machine learning use cases.

Data & Data Protection


ll data is pseudo-anonymised or completely anonymised before processing in order to remove any personal reference. Personal information is generally not necessary for the analysis and use of your customer data, as it has no informative value for the behaviour of a user. The following applies to the entire process: All data always remain in your possession.

Application architecture

Acceleraid adapts to any IT infrastructure through flexible interfaces and open standards & is easy to combine with your existing tools


Your data is stored by our distributed storage system to ensure its availability at all times. Data is backed up daily to different locations to constantly guarantee its availability in the unlikely event of a disruption. The DSGVO is fully guaranteed.

Our IT infrastructure is located in a secured data centre. It consists of a multi-level firewall concept with hardware and software firewalls as well as a central intrusion detection system (IPS). Daily automatic security checks ensure that vulnerabilities are immediately detected and closed. Our multi-member IT team monitors all services 24/7.

Private Cloud/ On Premise

SaaS solutions scalable without limit
Our services are provided to our customers in our cloud environment. Deployment and updates are automated, allowing us to provide fast and mostly non-disruptive updates. Our services go through a series of software and security tests before being made available on production systems.

The cloud infrastructure is operated in a high-availability cluster across several fire zones. We use branded hardware with high reliability and redundant network and power connections.

On Premise
As an alternative to hosting in the Acceleraid Private Cloud, Acceleraid also offers on-premise hosting. The platform is connected to our data centre via a secure connection (VPN), through which updates can be imported and adjustments made.
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Tools & Techstack

The Acceleraid platform adapts to any IT infrastructure through flexible interfaces and open standards and can be easily combined with your existing tools.
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Agile Programming

To fully leverage the skills and experience of our employees in your projects, we use proven agile processes: The intensive agile collaboration of our cross-functional development teams leads to a high degree of coordination, enables more flexibility overall and shortens the time-to-market. As an active team member, the customer himself can influence the process in every phase of the cycle.

Our focus is to make complex technology usable for everyone


We support your sales activities and help you increase your closings and sales through AI-based data analysis and personalized customer targeting. Our software analyzes your customer and visitor data, segments target groups, automates the process of targeting, and optimizes your channels based on all click and transaction data using machine learning.

Our algorithms are flexible and versatile. We help you optimize them for your business case.

  • We can easily integrate into your IT systems
  • Simply start Acceleraid has developed a simple and secure concept that allows you to get started quickly and generate your first revenues
  • Data import as well as export via API Integration via REST-API directly into your backend system as well as integration of output channels via standard interfaces
  • Hosting on premise Use Acceleraid as an intelligent data layer and host it in your data center, integrated into your processes.
  • Hosting in private cloud Use Acceleraid’s high-performance, high-security infrastructure and everything will be taken care of, from deployment to monitoring to security checks.
  • Individual integration solutions Do you have special requirements due to specific data protection regulations? Feel free to contact us!




Marketing Automation



Examples of integrations in over 10 years of experience with the integration of the solution into various IT systems