Acceleraid Customer Experience and Personalization


Acceleraid automatically analyzes the information of each visitor/customer and dynamically plays out the page variant or offer optimized for this visitor in real time. Each customer gets the view and content tailored to their individual needs.

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Your advantages


Flexible, fast and easy integration

Integrate the Acceleraid platform easily and quickly into all your communication channels, with minimal impact on your IT resources.


ML Autopilot

Optimize CX without Data Science knowledge


Recognize trends

Detect trends without waiting for statistical significance of an A/B test


Reportings out of the box

Automated conversion reports per variant, marketing channel, location, time of day or any data. Tracking of the entire sales funnel.

How the CX layer works

Acceleraid AI configuration

Your advantages in detail

Flexible, fast and easy integration

  • Simply start with CSV export
    Acceleraid has developed a simple and secure concept that allows you to start quickly and make your first sales
  • Data import as well as export via API
    Integration via REST API directly into your backend system as well as integration of output channels via standard interfaces
  • Hosting on premise
    Use Acceleraid as an intelligent data layer and host it in your data center, integrated into your processes.
  • Hosting in Private Cloud
    Use Acceleraid’s high-performance high-security infrastructure and everything is taken care of from deployment to monitoring to security checks
  • Easily connect to existing communication channels:
    Integration via interface to your e-mail system or your lettershop
  • Individual integration solutions
    Do you have special requirements due to specific data protection regulations? Please feel free to contact us!


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Clever Reach
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Artificial intelligence on autopilot

  • Acceleraid offers you AI and Machine Learning for everyone
    Use Artificial Intelligence to algorithmically optimize the results of your projects
  • In 7 clicks to a neural network – without any programming knowledge. Automatic configuration allows you to configure AI directly in the system, without expert knowledge in AI and Data Science.
  • At Acceleraid, we don’t just talk about Artificial Intelligence, we have been using AI successfully for our customers for years.


The software, a further development of the Contextual Bayesian Bandit, uses the visitor’s data parameters and thus incorporates the context. This enables much more precise personalization and segmentation. In addition, the machine learning algorithm detects seasonal effects and trends. It can be configured to “forget” what it has learned for a defined observation period in order to be able to react to current developments.

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Reportings out of the box


  1. Get an overview of the current performance of your most important projects as soon as you log in
  2. Learn more about your visitor groups and their behavior
  3. Evaluate the results per project and variation

Integrated High-End Analytics

  1. Targeted reports from overview level in dashboards to performance reports per variant to Excel report per individual data parameter
  2. Analysis of your marketing campaigns down to campaign, channel or keyword level
  3. Optimization report to show the optimization effect of the algorithms used
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Examplary Use Case 1

Optimize targeting of email campaigns

No longer sending email campaigns simply through a monthly newsletter is one thing. Triggering these campaigns only when a certain user shows a certain behavior is the next level. With the Acceleraid CX layer we go one step further and can even store different variants/addresses of an email for trigger-based campaigns and the Acceleraid platform continuously optimizes and learns for which user which address is the best. This way, email campaigns that are supposed to promote the benefits of an APP can be optimized for different age groups and for younger customers, for example, more focus can be placed on the “fancy” features of the APP and for older customers more focus can be placed on the general operation and use of the APP.

Examplary Use Case 2

Website conversion increase through personalization

Every user brings certain information with them, such as their device, time, browser, or location, when they visit a website. The Acceleraid platform stores different variants for different information needs of customers and machine learning algorithms, such as the Contextual Bayesian Bandit, automatically optimize which variant is most relevant for which user in order to maximize the likelihood of purchase.

Experience it in action