Why Acceleraid is the future for A/B testing and personalization – and how you can benefit!


A/B testing and personalization tools have become essential for businesses seeking to optimize their websites and improve conversion rates. With so many similar options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ll compare Acceleraid to conventional tools for A/B testing and personalization to help you make the right decision.

Examples of traditional tools include Google Optimize, AB Tasty, Kameleoon, Optimizely, and VWO.

Disadvantages of conventional tools

Traditional tools rely on A/B testing and personalization on

  • completely manual A/B testing
  • non-intelligent multi-armed bandits that identify the best variant for the average of all segments only once
  • and rule-based personalization

Advantages of Acceleraid

Acceleraid, on the other hand, stands out from conventional tools due to the following advantages, which lead to much better results and higher conversion rates:

  1. Continuous learning optimization on autopilot:
    The intelligent Acceleraid Personalization Engine provides algorithms such as a Contextual Bandit and a neural network to continuously learn and play out the best variants and continuously check whether the variants continue to fit the optimal choice for each segment combination. You can set how flexibly the algorithms should continue to learn or whether they should stick to choosing a one-time determined “winning” variant for a segment combination.
  2. Optimization on various factors:
    Acceleraid allows you to not only find the best variant for all traffic, as with traditional multi-armed bandits, but also to optimize for other factors such as device, age, gender, campaigns or other traffic sources, and many other segments. This leads to a much higher uplift potential, as each segment combination gets the best variant played out for it.
  3. Less programming effort:
    With Acceleraid, you can create test variants editorially using visual templates, which means your marketing department has fewer dependencies on IT.
  4. Time and cost savings:
    The factors mentioned earlier will save you time and money:

    1. AI-powered continuous optimization automation – imagine if they had to set up the tests all individually, run them one by one, and create an evaluation for each test individually.
    2. Less programming effort – Your effort to create optimizations is reduced, saving time in both marketing and IT.
  5. Reduction of opportunity costs:
    The time you save with Acceleraid can be focused on the valuable parts of the optimization process and invested in getting to know your target audiences better, generating new test ideas or creating content for different user segments.

Of course, Acceleraid has all the features you are familiar with in traditional A/B testing and personalization tools, such as:

  • A user-friendly visual WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create test variants without any programming knowledge. (Not to be confused with the previously mentioned templates that allow you to editorially create variants for testing and personalization. The traditional WYSIWYG editors are severely limited in their use cases, whereas with the editorial templates anything is possible).
  • Multiple testing methods such as A/B, split URL (redirect test) as well as multivariate testing and personalization
  • A comprehensive analytics and reporting section for easy evaluation of all results


Acceleraid revolutionizes A/B testing and personalization by enabling companies to optimize their websites more effectively and efficiently.
Compared to traditional A/B testing and personalization tools, Acceleraid offers key advantages: State-of-the-art AI-based algorithms, autopilot optimization, and segment-based optimization. In addition, with Acceleraid you have more time for other important aspects of conversion optimization due to the time saved in test execution, thus reducing opportunity costs.
All in all, Acceleraid enables your company to realize the full potential of your website and achieve permanently higher conversion rates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to significantly increase your conversion rates and stand out from the competition. Imagine the revenue potential you could realize by using Acceleraid while others are still relying on traditional A/B testing tools. Take the initiative now and rely on Acceleraid to achieve the full potential of your website.

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