Frankfurt, 07.06.2021


Acceleraid now enables “non-techies” to use Artificial Intelligence

  • With Acceleraid’s new Machine Learning Center, Neural Networks can be configured for the first time in seven clicks
  • Users without technical knowledge can now independently apply Neural Networks and Machine Learning algorithms in marketing and sales
  • In particular, sales and marketing professionals will benefit from everyday
    possible applications of Artificial Intelligence


The Software as a Service provider Acceleraid has made a new AI and Machine Learning Center available. For the first time, users without prior knowledge can configure Neural Networks or Machine Learning algorithms with just a few clicks and use them for target group segmentation, personalization and optimization of marketing and sales processes.

Depending on the area of application, different Machine Learning algorithms can be selected directly with one click: from simple scoring and clustering to Contextual Bayesian Bandit and Neural Networks. The different approaches independently recognize patterns, optimize and automate sales processes. In the process, they learn from customer behavior and display personalized offers.

The ideal use of AI and Machine Learning always relies on an interplay of different parameters. For each area of application, the data and the Machine Learning algorithms or Neural Networks must be perfectly matched to each other and to the respective problem. For the configuration, experienced specialists such as data scientists and programmers are normally required.

The developers at Acceleraid provide an autopilot in their new Machine Learning Center. With just a few clicks, Neural Networks, for example, can be adapted to different problems. No prior technical knowledge is required. Users can independently configure, train, maintain and evaluate them and thus optimize their digital sales processes.

“The potential of AI in marketing and sales is practically unlimited. But only when used correctly does it save time and money and help generate sales and close deals,” says Acceleraid CEO and founder Michael Altendorf. “We are now bringing our technology to exactly where it is really put to use: Into the offices of sales and marketing managers, who with our solution can optimize their activities independently and thus significantly increase closings and revenues for their companies.”

The innovative solution enables fast results and optimization from day one. The Acceleraid AI and Machine Learning Center is set up to train and deploy algorithms even faster via autopilot. However, it also still offers the option to configure all elements manually as usual.


Acceleraid GmbH is an expert in the digitalization of sales and customer processes in the B2B and B2C sectors. The company was founded in Mannheim in 2009 by former SAP managers from the banking and financial services sector. The company’s core competence is the use of Artificial Intelligence for predictive analytics and personalization of sales processes. A high degree of prefabrication and the use of agile methods in project management as well as in cooperation with
customers enable a fast go-live of the projects and ensure short-term returns on investment on the customer side.

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