Easy integration of our personalization engine into other systems


What is personalization?

Personalization means tailoring content and experiences on a website to each user. This is done by analyzing user data such as behavior, interests and demographic information. The goal of personalization is to increase the relevance and attractiveness of content in order to strengthen user loyalty, increase conversion rates and ultimately maximize business success.

Through tailored recommendations, personalized offers and individually tailored communication strategies, users feel better understood and valued, which leads to a more sustainable and profitable customer relationship.

Personalization can, for example, simply be a gender-specific address in a login area or personalized texts that were entered into Google depending on the previous search command in order to present the user directly with content that matches their search.

Integration into your website

To get started with personalization, you need to integrate the personalization engine on your website or landing page. The ACCELERAID software can be flexibly integrated and customized into any type of website or content management system (CMS).
There are two basic methods of integration:

  1. JavaScript integration (client-side):

    • Platform independent and uncomplicated
    • Insert JavaScript code into your website
    • The code can be downloaded directly from the software
  2. Server-side integration via API:

    • Complete integration into your CMS system possible
    • More integration options available if needed

Since we already have over a decade of integration experience in a wide variety of systems, we can find the optimal integration solution for your company here. You will receive support and advice throughout the entire integration process.

Data transfer from the CMS

Nowadays, data transfer can take place in a variety of ways and options. One of the easiest ways is to work with URL parameters, which are parameters that are attached directly to a URL.

Our system is able to record all available parameters and work with them directly, be it to specifically evaluate data according to certain characteristics or to carry out personalization based on this data.

Example: An insurance company wants to use the following parameters:

  • Google keyword: The keyword entered by the user to display relevant content for the keyword on the page
  • utm_Campaign parameter: Information about the campaign visited by the user to display the discounts communicated in the campaign
  • Gender: the user gender information from the CMS to display a gender-specific salutation in a closed login area
  • Location: The user’s geographical location to view local offers and events.
  • Weather: Current weather conditions to provide weather-dependent recommendations.
  • Device: The user’s end device in order to offer optimized display and functionality.
  • Age: The age of the user in order to present age-appropriate products and content.
  • Interest: Interests of the user in order to recommend relevant articles and products.
  • Purchase_history: The user’s purchase history to make personalized product suggestions.
  • Language: The user’s preferred language to display the content in the corresponding language.
  • Referrer: The source from which the user came to the site to show specific landing pages.
  • Membership_level: The user’s membership level to view exclusive benefits and discounts.

These are just a few examples, in principle there are only a few limits to imagination and feasibility, every parameter that can be passed via URL can be used for personalization.

Once these parameters are captured and processed by ACCELERAID, this allows for more precise personalization for each parameter.

Imagine creating four personalized versions of your example landing page with different images, text, and layouts, each corresponding to a keyword and/or campaign. By processing these two parameters, the ACCELERAID system can identify and present to the user the optimal variant for specific keywords such as “free travel insurance” and campaigns such as “travel insurance benefits”.
If you have connected other third-party systems in consultation with ACCELERAID, they can of course also provide data to our system for use.


Simple integration using JavaScript snippets and URL parameters allows you to personalize any CMS/CRM system. Alternatively, a server-side integration enables a deeper connection, which, however, requires more resources on both sides, but also enables additional options such as the use of a mini CMS to create and change personalized content directly in our system.

Use the flexibility and precision of our ACCELERAID software to effectively optimize your website and increase your conversion rates!

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