A/B testing vs. multivariate testing – automated optimization: The key to increasing efficiency


Effective application route optimization requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. This is where automated optimization solutions come into play. By using AI and machine learning, companies can continuously analyze and optimize the performance of their application processes without any manual effort. These automated systems can recognize patterns in user behavior and make immediate adjustments to maximize conversion rates.

Our trigger engine continuously optimizes performance based on user criteria and actively reacts to changing user behavior. Dynamic optimization also saves effort and time because the system starts optimizing from day one.

A/B testing process

With A/B testing, both variants initially run in parallel with allocated traffic shares. Only when the setup is evaluated and changed does the conversion rate increase; while the test is running, the weaker version continues to be used.

A/B Testing
A B Testing


Multivariates Testing Verlauf

multivariate Testings
multivariate Testings

In multivariate testing, the system starts with both variants, but continuously optimizes the distribution on a daily basis according to the target, so that weaker variants promptly receive less traffic and stronger variants receive more traffic, as long as they bring correspondingly higher conversion rates.


Optimizing application routes is an important tool for improving performance. It is important to define your key figures and goals accordingly; success can then be precisely calculated. Automating application route optimization is a game-changer for companies looking to maximize their conversion rates. By using cutting-edge technologies, companies can work more efficiently while achieving better results. In a world where every interaction counts, optimizing the application journey is a crucial step to achieving goals and improving the customer experience.

How can Acceleraid help with this?!

As experts with over 10 years in the field of personalization, we have the experience and knowledge to develop appropriate personalization concepts together with you.

Our software analyzes in just 200 milliseconds what the page needs to look like for each target group in order to provide an optimal experience. Contact us for an optimization analysis and a tailored offer to address your needs and target groups. We would be happy to help you increase your conversion rates and unlock the full potential of your website.